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martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

Return The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

In December 1998, when the consoles with polygon graphics were just a few years of life and elements as the "analog stick" or vibration in the command were in their infancy (remember Star Fox 64, launched in 1997) there was a milestone in the video game world: the sale went to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64.

This was neither more nor less than the first game where you could move freely around the stage, he invented a system of real-time combat that is still used in current games and gave the full weight of development the writers and not developers, and other great contributions he made to game development.

Now, thirteen years later, you've been hearing about the return months than it has been considered by the international press as the best game of all time is that we are two weeks of the release of the remastered version of the game for Nintendo 3DS.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, three-dimensional and Castilian, is released on 17 June.

No one has gotten around it is time to take the title of best game in history according to GameRankings (site that compiles all the scores in the world of media specializing in video games), even the two parts of Super Mario Galaxy for Wii.

But what makes it so unique to the original Nintendo 64? For the first time, the writers sent in video game development and not designers or programmers. Jorge Magano, writer and TV writer, author of the novel Fabuland, gamer and emphasizes the emotional burden of Ocarina of Time: "The story connects with the hearts of audiences. The narrative scenes are perfectly integrated into the action and the development of game.

 The story of the journey of the hero who has to face his destiny has been present in masterpieces of literature from 3,000 years ago: The Odyssey, The Wizard of Oz, The Lord of the Rings ... and finally we saw in a video game. "

Additionally, the game turns joined previously unpublished narrative in a videogame. According Magano points, "is not a linear game, has many variables and crannies. The highlight of the game is an ellipsis is surprising to all players. When it seems that the villain will succeed and everyone expects the hero, the does not appear.

The evil due to the good and the hero is forced to be dormant for seven years. The main character undergoes a transformation arc influences the whole gaming experience. Until then, these plot twists were reserved for books or movies but not games. "

This would not have been possible without leveraging technology available at the time of its development. Just a bit of memory for 1998 was a time of great change driven by technology, remember that time we stopped giving the number of our mobile home to give, or even a thing called "email", or we were in the bus (the ticket we paid in pesetas) with a Discman, turning to us to be first with something called MP3. Shigeru Miyamoto had to redefine Mario in Super Mario 64 (the first time a video game character had total freedom of movement in 360 degrees) and was willing to do the same with Zelda. In fact, after almost three years developing the game, Shigeru Miyamoto said: "Finally, technology allows me to do the Zelda spent years imagining in my head. This is my great work."

The first obvious consequence: for the first time, showed a video game environments to travel freely through the mere fact of being able to do so. Additionally, Ocarina of Time invented a mechanical fighting game remains in force today. Enrique Ventura, Mercury Steam, developers Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, highlights many important aspects of Ocarina of Time, "The mechanics of the game, the character's control, the use of objects ... all breathing passion, caring, has a trim level not seen in other games. In a development like ours, we use Ocarina of Time and Zelda as a reference in one of every two meetings. "

If the original marked a before and after, why re-launch The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time right now? Miyamoto could not resist doing. "When we started working on Nintendo 3DS, could not wait to see the plains of Hyrule in 3D. And Ocarina of Time was the game for this. Many users played it for thirteen years and you will want to enjoy it now, but there a whole new generation that played it at the time and all the best Nintendo 3DS is an excellent opportunity for them to do. Thanks to the 3D effect, more than ever you feel in Hyrule. " Furthermore, in the case of the Spanish players will be the first time I can play in Castilian.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D includes many new features and enhancements in addition to the 3D effect without glasses. The visual aspect of the game has been completely renovated, from the design of characters or scenarios, to the textures and the number of polygons.

However, Ocarina of Time 3D attempts a delicate balance difficult to achieve when doing a replay of a game to make everything look better than the original without losing its essence. For new players should be visually appealing, but those who played the original should be able to recognize the characters perfectly and places visited thirteen years ago.

The improvements also come to the section of gameplay. Thanks to the lower screen, you can have at all times visible dungeon map as you go. Access to menus is also much easier and faster with the touch screen without pausing the game constantly. Changed his boots in the water temple has never been so easy.

Arrows will also be more intuitive than ever, thanks to the rotation sensor which incorporates the Nintendo 3DS. Simply point waving his arms as if we had a bow in his hands. Aiming at a target is as instinctive as if we did indeed.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D also incorporates two additional game modes. The first, Master Quest is an original version aimed at the more skilled players, with greater difficulty and alternating order and the emergence of some puzzles.

It also makes the whole adventure "in a mirror", which in the original game is on the right, Master Quest mode is on the left and vice versa. The second mode is the Boss Challenge, which once completed the game will allow us to deal with any of the bosses of the game or face one after another in an ongoing battle.

In 1998, Miyamoto said: "I always find some problems in games when completed, but Ocarina of Time I'm unusually happy with everything we've done so far." Time has shown that Miyamoto fell short. If you want to see why, now you can live the legend of Hero of the time, for the first time in 3D and Castilian. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is released on 17 June, only for Nintendo 3DS.

A new portable Dreamcast comes to Japan in June

Is not the first, and who knows if it will last, but in June will hit Japanese stores a new incarnation portable Dreamcast, which launched last Sega console.

It will cost 38,000 yen (330 euros) and has been designed by the Japanese retailer Pachimon.TV, including a screen, control buttons, and the disk drive in a single body.

Is somewhat smaller than the home console, although the reduction does not seem sensible nor particularly comfortable. However, it can become a whole new attractive rarity for fans of the company.

Rihanna, attacked by a fan in New York

The artist performed a few days ago for the television program "The Today Show" from the streets of New York and, through interpretation of its controversial single 'S & M', a fan who was watching from behind the fences took it around the waist ... and almost takes it home!.

Luckily, the singer was accompanied by her dancers, who immediately realized what had happened and helped him come off the fan ..

Rihanna overcame the incident and, as if nothing had happened, continued with the show but his face, yes, reflected discomfort. I was like in 'shock'! I did not understand anything!

Later, a fan asked on Twitter what it was that had happened in the action, to which the artist from Barbados said: "Well, it has been a piece of ass, I just thought that not to spoil my extensions" . At least finally taking it with humor, do not you think?

lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

The Amazing Origins of TV Hits

 Songs, dancing and trams are behind the great series of "tele" What they have in common and Frank Sinatra Scooby Doo? And the nineteenth century explorers of the future spacecraft? These and other mysteries are at the root of some of the biggest hits on television, whose birth took place in the most curious.

Best television and its origins:

1. Dr. House:

The real Gregory House is a woman named Lisa Sanders. Producer Paul Attanasio had the idea for 'House' when he read the scathing columns of this doctor in the New York Times.
2. You're a kid 'Pocoyo':

David Cantolla hit on the perfect name for this series when he heard his daughter say to the sentence of three years' child Jesus. " The little confused and instead of 'you're a kid like me' said 'you're a kid Pocoyo'.

3. Frank Sinatra, 'co-creator "of Scooby Doo

This animated series was originally going to call 'Who's afraid? ", With a dog named' Too 'as the protagonist. Its creator, Fred Silverman, gave the finishing touches while listening to the song 'Strangers in the Night' by Frank Sinatra. When Frank sang the part that says' doo ... See more

4. A Streetcar Named CSI:

Anthony Zuiker, tram driver and aspiring screenwriter, was heading a good day to play basketball. His wife convinced him to stay at home, and together they watched a documentary on forensic called "The New Detectives." After the program Zuiker had a brilliant idea: to create the ... See more

5. Desperate Housewives ... and murderers:

The writer Marc Cherry was shocked after seeing on television the story of Andrea Yates, a seemingly normal mother who, after a postpartum depression, killed her baby. Cherry thought it would be a good idea to create a series on the hidden side of a group of women in a neighborhood ... See more

6. Captain Kirk, the browser:

Gene Roddenberry had everything ready for his great creation, the science fiction series Star Trek. Lacked only outline its main character, Captain James Kirk. Rodenberry found inspiration in a real character: Captain James Cook, an explorer whose motto was' go further than ... See more

7. Miami Vice, by fax:

The official origin of this series came to investigate claims that the fight against drug trafficking. But the most widespread rumor says that all a writer came when he received a fax from NBC, with instructions for creating a new action series. The document contained only these ... See more

8. The Daleks, dancing robots:

Terrifying robots that plague the Doctor Who are inspired by ballet. The writer Terry Nation had the idea for a dance performance, noting how they moved the skirts of the dancers to turn on stage.

First Trailer and Images of Assassin's Creed Revelations

Ubisoft has released a trailer for Assassin's Creed Revelations, plus new images and a summary of some of the characteristics that make up the game.

"Assassin's Creed follows the master Ezio Revelations Auditore while walking in the footsteps of his mentor endar, Altaïr, a journey to recover five ancient seals hold the keys to the future of the Brotherhood Assassins"describes the statement.

"It's a dangerous path that will Ezio Constantinople, the heart of the Ottoman Empire, where a growing army of Templars trying to destabilize the region. "

The full trailer of the game will be released on 7 June, has revealed the French distributor.

These are the objectives and features of the game:

Perfecting the art of assassination. Ezio learn the skills of a murderer lethal older and wiser. The player will have a new arsenal of weapons at your disposal.

Announced the return of a legend. Revelations Assassin's Creed will be Altair's return as a playable character, a hero of the original Assassin's Creed.

Journey to Constantinople. Explore the options of Masyaf, the mountain of Assassins during the Third Crusade in the direction of the exotic Constantinople, the jewel of Otomabo Empire in the sixteenth century. Walk through crowded streets that make up a nice pot of cultures.

Meet new players from tradition Assassins Creed. Find memorable personalities, including the teacher Yusuf Tazim murderer, Prince Suleiman, destined to be one of the great monarchs of history, and Sofia Sorto, a woman in love with Ezio.

Test your skills against your friends murderer. The critically acclaimed online multiplayer experience becomes redefined and expanded with more models, new maps and different characters

domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

What Happened to The Protagonists of "Remington Steele"?

In the 80's, gender inequality was still very present and also the difficulties that women were in a labor market dominadopor men. With this premise came Remington Steele, a police comedy that ran for five seasons and catapulted to fame by actor Pierce Brosnan.

Fiction is focused on Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist), a private detective to invent a fictional boss Remington Steele, to be taken seriously. Until one day, a thief (Pierce Brosnan) decides to adopt the identity of Mr. Steele. The unresolved sexual tension between the players was one of the attractions of the series although it was rumored that in real life Brosnan and Zimbalist could neither be seen.
What happened to them?

Pierce Brosnan (Remington Steele): renew for another season in the series cost him take the role of James Bond for the film High voltage then went to Timothy Dalton. In 1995, Brosnan was able to recover (debuted in Golden Eye) playing the famous spy on four occasions. Apart from the Bond franchise, in his films are hits like The Matador and the film version of Mamma Mia! Since 1996 has its own production and in recent years, Brosnan has stood for charitable work and environmental activism. Personally, I have been married twice and his first wife died of cancer.

Stephanie Zimbalist (Laura Holt): Although his character was a model for many women, Zimbalist was not so lucky as Brosnan and his TV appearances and TV movies are reduced to cameos in Diagnosis murder or Crossing Jordan. In recent years has focused on the theater playing roles in works on nineteenth-century artists such as Chopin, Tchaikovsky and Van Gogh. Zimbalist is known as an ardent activist in the Republican Party.

Doris Roberts (Mildred Krebs) in the series gave life to a former government agent who lost his job to help Steele. To return the favor, hire a secretary. The veteran actress has appeared in many series on the role of the typical American grandmother. With five Emmys on their backs, their most important role was Everybody Loves Raymond. Roberts is an animal lover who helps guide dogs associations.

Remington Steele served as an inspiration to other cutting detective series where the main couple lived in a constant fling that ended in wedding … at the end of the series. This happened in Moonlighting with Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis. In fact, Glenn Gordon Caron, creator of the series, was one of the writers and producers of Remington Steele in the first ten episodes and left to pursue other opportunities.

Online TV Player: Xe-InternetTV 1.5

Xe-InternetTV is a simple player of TV channels that broadcast over the Internet.

The program has just added channels by default. It is designed so that the user will make their own collection of channels and group them according to the language, content, etc.

The Xe-InternetTV interface is very simple, much like the Windows player. Moreover, the right has a panel to sort the channels in a tree ....


• Add channels manually
• Button to capture the window contents
• Has few channels added by default

Download it here: http://xe-internettv.softonic.com/descargar

Online TV Player: gE3k TV 0.0.2 Beta

gE3k TV is a TV tuner with a choice of channels divided into seven thematic categories.

Most broadcasts are in English and are divided into news, sports, cinema, education, kids, music and religion. Among the most popular channels include, for example, CNN and CCTV.

Simple and with few options, gE3k TV Player is a very basic but it works without too many complications.

Advantages of the software:

• Very simple
• Over 90 channels
• Optional full-screen display

• Not all channels work
• Few options
• No Spanish-language channels

Download it here:   http://ge3k-tv.softonic.com/descargar

Online TV Player: RO 1.1 VTV

VTV RO is a simplified version of VEO TV, not features or capabilities, but rather by the fact that only supports radio and television stations in the format of RealOne Player.

With RO VTV will show through the Internet a total of 52 television channels (from all over the world and languages​​) and 12 radio stations (all Spanish-speaking, though in different parts of the world). All connections are made ​​through the RealOne Player, which without going into comparisons with Windows Media Player, making connections at a higher speed, which makes a real RO VTV sample of stations and channels.

In addition to viewing TV channels and listen to the radio stations will also be informed of the latest news by teletype. The display is small, so that the texts are almost illegible, but the images are quite clear.

Requires RealOne Player and a minimally decent Internet connection (a better connection, less cutting)

Download it here: http://vtv-ro.softonic.com/descargar

Online TV Player: Octoshape 1.0

Octoshape is not only an online customer can broadcast streaming audio and video channels to our favorite players (Winamp, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, VLC or Apple iTunes), is also a streaming technology of very high quality, no noise or cuts connection.

To make matters worse, the installation of Octoshape is very fast and almost zero configuration, almost because if you do not like Winamp, for example, and I prefer iTunes, you will have the option of using default system player. Once installed, Octoshape is only manifested through an icon from the system tray.

Double clicking on the icon to activate sufficient Octoshape and open the Octoshape website with audio and video channels available, among which you'll 24H TVE, FLAIX MAXXIMA FM or FM, to name a few. The quality is high, the only downside is the limited selection of channels.

Download it here: http://octoshape.softonic.com/descargar

Player: Solway's Internet TV and Radio Player 1.54

No modern multimedia player is complete without television. And this is the case, radio and TV in one program.

You know that from the outset, television channels are there in spite of the updates that should happen, not going to satisfy entry. Few channels and no Spanish. I hope that the comment is outdated in a few weeks. Good sign, no doubt.

As for radio stations, it is another story. The ability to access musical sensibilities of other latitudes and have nothing to do with the radiofórmulas is itself a joy. But what makes the difference is the opportunity to record our own mixes from the same interface. Before, be sure to adjust the properties of the Recording Control. Enable "Stereo Mix" and delight your friends with subjects who had never heard.

While aesthetically the player is not a wonder and other problems, like if you use Winamp have to see how to start aside, unlike Windows Media Player or Real Player, compensates for the ability to edit channels and very funny hour DJ await you as improvised waves.

Download it free here: http://solway-s-internet-tv-and-radio-player.softonic.com/descargar

Online TV Player,: HDTV Player BlazeVideo

BlazeVideo HDTV HDTV Player combines player, FM receiver and video recorder. All this gives you to enjoy a high definition image on your computer and record any TV program, radio program or teletext broadcast.

The application includes support for formats DVD, VCD, SVCD, MP3, MPEG. You can capture any image, use markers and function of preview images of the markers, special sound effects, optional skins that provide more options, etc.

The application has a broad compatibility with TV cards on the market today. All in all a good audio-visual tool.

Download the player here:  http://descargar.portalprogramas.com/BlazeVideo-HDTV.html

Online TV Player: Mint Online TV

Mint Online TV is another application that brings to your monitor a multitude of TV channels from around the world.

Luckily this program includes the channels in Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, etc., ie multiple channels in Spanish.

It also has the option of viewing directly on the player videos from YouTube without having to open your browser.

Download it here: http://descargar.portalprogramas.com/Mint-TV.html

Online TV Player: ArcSoft TotalMedia

ArcSoft TotalMedia is a real hub for multimedia files. From this single application can play videos, music, view image galleries, etc..

You can even enjoy your favorite TV shows if you installed a video capture and TV. Perhaps best of all is the ability to move through the program because of its intuitive interface, make the most of this software is really easy.

Make your computer will become your entertainment center with this program:

Online TV Player: eMuleTV

EMuleTV player offers for free the ability to enjoy television from around the world on your computer with excellent picture and sound quality.

Play over 2000 TV channels in real time. Offers channels from 120 countries with more diverse content in their respective languages​​. You can include own private channels, by category and create lists of favorite channels.

Intuitive and simple interface, understandable and useful for any user level, eMuleTV is available in 17 languages​​.

Download it here: http://descargar.portalprogramas.com/eMuleTV.html

Online TV Player

OnlineTV is a very interesting multimedia player. A player that gives you access to more than 400 TV channels, 130 web servers, 80 day ... opens a window to the outside world and gives you the chance to know what happens in other places without leaving your computer.

In particular is one of my favorites to watch Online TV on my PC.

Download it here:  http://descargar.portalprogramas.com/OnlineTV.html

Online TV Player: Solway's Internet TV and Radio Player

Solway's Internet TV and Radio Player is a player that gets on the train to add TV and radio for their ability to reproduce.

The program interface is very simple but enough if you want for example to mix music from different DJ stations and make waves. The way is very simple you just have a couple of properties Ajuntas control recording and have enabled stereo mix and ready.

As for television stations is somewhat poorer because it captures a few stations and no Spanish.

Download it here: http://descargar.portalprogramas.com/Solways-Internet-TV.html

Online TV Player: Democracy Player

Democracy Player is a video player that allows you watch TV channels, podcasts and video files hosted on the Internet.

The operation of the application is very simple. Once installed on your computer you just have to subscribe to television stations that broadcast over the Internet, video blogs or RSS Bittorrent. Even if you know the url of a television broadcast can add it manually.

Once you have subscribed is downloaded to your computer for the video stream and will be resident on your computer for 5 days to have time to download and view. If you want to see something specific and can not find it using the built-form in the application.

Get the program here: http://descargar.portalprogramas.com/Democracy-Player.html

sábado, 28 de mayo de 2011

Updates to FIFA 12

Electronic Arts officially announced the new Motor Impact Players FIFA 12. The physics engine players will experience throughout the game, in situations such as fights for the ball or wrangling for position or possession.

This engine is capable of processing in real time, each of the points on the body of the players, creating with them more realistic situations in each impact or collision that they suffer.

Apart from this engine, also presented other options have been implemented in this sports franchise, which I then happened to list.

Dodge system accuracy, which makes the ball feel more real, have a better control of short passes, helping it to make better decisions when attacking.

Defense Tactics, a new implementation, which will make the defense system is much more strategic, focusing on both the positioning of her as the interception, thus becoming much more real and easy entry hindering the attacker, having this be developed more attacks.

The new Intelligence Advanced Players, which will make decisions depending on their skills, strengths and characteristics, and observing how to help these players the rest of the team. Also this does not just affect a player, if a block group with certain characteristics will change its form of attack for the adoption of best group of players and even looking for the weakest points of the other team saw the features of this.

New Career Mode, which will consist of stories inspired by the real world. In this way affect the morale of the players, the fitness or qualifying position in a new mode where players will face even greater number of decisions and the factors that will affect both outside and within the field.

FIFA 12, with all these hopes to get a new gaming experience much closer to reality. You have achieved a significant improvement in navigation through menus, making it much easier to access the various options.

Finally note that the game will be officially licensed more than 500 teams with last-minute additions and update them throughout the season.

This simulator football, hopes to return to give a blow on the table in terms of football simulators are concerned, with these additions that can make this one of the games of the year and probably the most anticipated game for lovers interactive sports.

FIFA 12 will be released in autumn this year for all consoles, portable computers and new market and we have more data about you we will expand this information.

Virtual Battle Space (VBS): the real game

In this article I will tell you as they prepare the best armies in the world and like to have this with our favorite hobby. I speak of VBS (Virtual Battle Space, currently in version 2) which is a computer system in the style of classic games we all enjoy everyday.

Many armies use VBS as coach of troops, to assess the reactions and tactical and strategic decisions of its soldiers and officers in the field of battle, and so know how to react when they are in real conflict. The physical system and the flow has reached the simulator to recreate battles, with a keyboard and mouse, of course, even though the purpose of VBS is solely and exclusively to training procedures, tactics and strategies, being the shooting for military professionals, simply anecdotal.

Those who have as hobbies, along with video games, paintball, or more specifically, Airsoft, know that the similarity of their play is fantastic and often (in Airsoft) the strategies we adopt, we have taken a thousand times playing with battelfield or friends to Operation Flashpoint. Because these two games with Arma and Arma 2 Pc are more like those concerning VBS version 2 used by the military.

In these games, and unlike most games "quick action" as the Call of Duty, you must act together and empathize with your friends / colleagues as if it were a real square. Again those who share video games and Airsoft, we know the importance of this, and the main armies of the world have taken time to realize that the future of a good workout, not just physical and theoretical, but also is putting the soldier in the same circumstances that can be found in the future. Another day talk about the experience Airsoft / video games, but this article focuses on professional training video games in the VBS or Virtual Battle Space.

The VBS is a training system in three dimensions provides an environment as real and for a wide range of learning military training and experimentation. Within VBS, a participant views the virtual environment from the first-person perspective and is able to move and interact as you would in real life. Participants may use weapons, drive vehicles and all kinds of military objects within the simulation for training and to analyze them in combat, reflecting the program a lot of parameters.

VBS offers realistic large areas of land and the ability to operate over a large area of ​​land, sea and air vehicles. A comprehensive, yet easy to use mission editor is shipped with the product, allowing you to create any scenario imaginable to interact with. A management system of advanced equipment enables participants to efficiently issue orders to both the members of his squad and their managers and coordinate tasks and non-lethal and lethal combat. VBS also incorporates real-time simulation of wind, rain, fog, clouds, time of day, sunrise and sunset, and tides, so that everything, absolutely everything is recreated to the millimeter.

VBS is based on the commercial virtual reality game created by Bohemia Interactive. Can be specifically designed to meet the individual needs of different bodies such as military, police, homeland defense, and is the first response in educational environments. VBS can be easily deployed on laptops or desktops over a LAN or the Internet, offering cost effective solutions for worldwide interactive training.

VBS - Applications:

Military Training:

VBS is a solution out of the theoretical training to simulate a wide range of situations at the tactical level. The default program is generic (not customized for a particular organization or country), but Bohemia Interactive can be modified to meet specific requirements easily, quickly and for less money. To take one example, U.S. Marines have it as training for soldiers who are transferred to Afghanistan and have played each and every one of the areas that once were found there.

Without customization, examples of the types of training possible with VBS are:

1 - The combination of different types of training, espionage, infiltration, extraction, explosives .... Small team tactics.

2 - Mission simulation, both infantry, marine or aviation.

3 - Convoy escort training.

4 - UAV training.

5-IED training.

6 - Forward Observer and testing of all firearms on the market.

7 - Mortar formation n.â € ¢ Vehicles, checkpoints and area control.

8-Helicopter and loadmaster training.

The VBS program is currently used for military training for the following armies:

- Australia Defence Force.

- Marine Corps United States.

- U.S. National Guard .... and began to be used by Asian armies.

As evidence of the customization that can have the program in late 2005 Bohemia Interactive developed (as part of the package of land 3) As-Samawah and Al Muthanna, areas of land for the extraction of documents in hostile territory and they were accurate representations conflict areas in Afghanistan. The FDA (Australia Defence Force) used the land areas for limited mission rehearsal, training of troops and the worst mission analysis before the actual infiltration by his soldiers in Al Muthanna.

Experimentation and Analysis.

VBS is an excellent platform for conducting experiments and analysis, given the flexible nature of the motor of the "game" and the ability to record data. Any scenario imaginable can be created in scenario editor and all the events, interactions and events of the mission are recorded automatically by the system. It has been used for extensive experimentation in virtual environments and simulation lab by the University of New South Wales at the Academy of Australian Defence Force and have been used to evaluate the different structures Section Infantry Section Infantry Virtual Experiment (VISE). The Australian Army also used to examine the tactics of team play of its soldiers in different types of custom-made stage. To say that expose their soldiers to extreme situations.

Visualization, Tutorials and 3D modeling:

VBS is ideal for non-military use and Bohemia Interactive has already proved in some games. The difference with any video game that we play is abysmal, and the difficulty and the implementation of wind, air, dust, tidal, etc ... make even the best will cost Battlefield sniper hitting a target in VBS. Here we take into account the whole and its developer, Bohemia Interactive, has experience in the development of realism in different areas of the terrain from topographical maps, satellite images and digital photographs. Entire areas of land can be developed within weeks, after viewing the appropriate images that put the armies at their disposal.

All this makes no doubt that if it were fitted with last generation graphics, we would be before the final war game and a seller in any console. But we also discover that we are not as good 'soldiers' as we believe and we should rely more on our partners and friends to make a success of the mission. You could say that ARMA is the civilian version called the VBS and that we "almost" available as well as make professional armies, training scenarios and see how we can improve our tactics and strategies for enjoying all of a simulator that simulates Infantry only, if not all types of vehicles and aircraft, including the physics of the bullets. In ArmA (Armed Assault) as in Operation Flashpoint, the land can become huge normal being 10 km x 10 km or 20 km x 20km. So both games would be the closest thing to enjoy the military VBS.

FC Barcelona won the Champions League 3-1 May 28 2011

 FC Barcelona is the Champions League 2011 after  defeat to Manchester United at Wembley Stadium in London.

The first goal of the game was scored for the Catalans in the mintue Pedro Tenerife 27 of the first part.

Shortly thereafter, on 33 minutes came the tie the hands of Wayne Rooney, who scored the only goal for Manchester United in this match.

In the second part, Argentina's Lionel Messi tiebreaking the score at minute 9. And the third goal, and final was scored by David Villa on 24 minutes of the second half.

Barcelona reached his fourth title of the football tournament which for many is the most prestigious in the world.

It is the second European Cup for coach Pep Guardiola in front of Barcelona.

Manchester United also lost to the Spanish team in the final of the Champions League 2009 held in Rome.

Unemployment Extension

I also wanted informal in this article the existence of a page with useful information for those living in the UnitedStates, the site is: http://www.unemployment-extension.org/

The current crisis affecting all countries around the world, some more than others, and one consequence is that the labor situation is overwhelming, soI want to inform to Americans residents that there is an interesting plan of the government to help to solve the business problems of its citizens.

The plan is Unemployment Extension:

As of 2011, US Government allows 99 weeks of unemployment pay with unemployment extension benefits in many states. This program is providing working people with an extra 13 to 20 weeks of receiving unemployment insurance benefits from the state in areas with a specific rate for unemployment. Generally, this extension is given through the program if individuals use up the normal state benefits in addition to the Emergency Unemployment Compensation.


It is always best to file your unemployment documentation online instead of visiting your local unemployment office if your unemployment payments have recently run out. The majority of states allow online filing, and you have certainly come to the right place.

Unemployment-Extension.Org allows you to file a new unemployment or unemployment extension claim, as well as check the status of your existing unemployment compensation claim.
Be sure to keep in mind that every state varies. Certain states may offer Unemployment Insurance, and in most cases you can file an Unemployment Insurance claim by filling out the online application. Besides online submission, you will also have the ability to print out your claim, and mail or fax it to the address referenced for your area after completion.

There is also a toll free number for you to call for filing over the phone.

Your Social Security Number
Your Driver's License number if applicable
Mailing address, including zip code and phone number
Your mother�s maiden name
Information of your last employer (name, address, phone, etc.)
From your W2 form or pay stub: Employer�s Federal Tax ID Number
The Date in which you started employment
The date you ended employment
Your pay amount
Generally, employer information for the last two years is requested.

To learn more go to: http://www.unemployment-extension.org/

Poisoning Symptoms That Cause Us The Social Networks

Perhaps you have not noticed, but if you can not avoid seeing your Facebook profile each time you connect to the Internet, if your work Twitter is blocked and you spend hours thinking about what they're talking all those who follow and do not pass or a day without entering any of the wide range of social media that includes Internet. Then and only then you suffer from addiction.

Here 's the symptoms of this disease that many suffer:

1. You sound like Twitter offline

You can summarize in 140 characters you have done during the weekend, you can even find space sobrarte boring and talkative to those who exceed this limit.

2. Your thumbs have taken a static form

After making so many clicks "like" your brain thinks that to give your approval this is the clear and correct gesture to communicate.

3. Suffer "depression of the RT"

Are you sad to think that your tweets are interesting, but have not gotten the response it should. You can also sharpen if your friends do not like your post on the wall or have not commented on your blog.

4. Synonymous use of Twitter in your life offline

Now you do not say "I'm dying of laughter" but prefer to say "LOL" while commenting on the final gag in your favorite host.

5. Accumulate accounts and profiles on social media

As those addicted to clothes, you keep everything, I am saddened to separate you from one of your accounts and are still found all the profiles of sites like Google Buzz, but never got to convince you or you, or any of its users.

6. You are the supreme Mayor

In offline life could not reconcile the mayor in more than 2 towns, but by Foursquare has learned what it means to be the representative figure of 30 different places, even you changed your daily habits to make you with any more.

7. You're a fake farmer
Sometimes the line between offline and online world is uncertain, so if you have become one of the best farmers Ville Farm, do not think you can drop everything and create a farm, among other things because you spend 90% of your time online.

8. You have the syndrome of Captain Ahab

When you find a whale of Twitter cabrearte can not avoid, like when you drop the blue network.

9. You are obsessed with tech gadgets

You keep abreast of the latest technology, whether fixed or mobile devices to stay constantly connected.

10. Complex offline

It's hard to leave home without checking multiple if your smartphone is in your pocket, but the chances are and if this happens you just feel like those weirdos who are not online 24 hours.

Charlie Sheen puts his mansion for sale

It seems that this view mansions in the city of cinema, Hollywood, in fashion, and now the actor Charlie Sheen, former star of Two and a Half Men is selling his house in Beverly Hills for a 7, 2 billion, or nearly 5,100,000 euros.

According to the website TMZ, the property has more than 700 square meters, spread over 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, cinema, garden, pool and spa. The house became the property of the actor following his recent divorce from Brooke Mueller, which paid one million euros for the mansion.

The actor, who earned about two million euros per chapter in the popular series, will be replaced by Ashton Kutcher and is now dedicated to acting in different theaters in the United States with his work My Violent Torpedo of Truth (My violent truths torpedo ) but the criticisms are disparate.

Spotify Could Embed Its Player Within Facebook

Facebook plans to launch a music service in the network in collaboration with Spotify, according to Forbes. So far the integration of both companies was limited to "Facebook Connect" integrated into the desktop interface Spotify, which allowed users to see what your Facebook friends are listening to and publish lists music service in the wall.
According to sources close to the deal to Forbes magazine, has partnered with Facebook to lasso a Spotify streaming music service that could be launched in just two weeks. Such a system would listen to music through Spotify but within the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

The integrated music service on the network is currently in testing, but at the time in which to launch, Facebook users will see an icon Spotify on the left side of the page, along with the usual icons photos, events, messages or updates.

As yet been decided whether the new service is called "Facebook Music" or "Spotify on Facebook," but will only be available at the moment, for Facebook users in countries Spotify is present, which includes Spain. In the case of United States, once they close the negotiations with record companies and the service launches in the country, Facebook integration will be implemented also for U.S. citizens.

For his part, said a spokesman for Spotify not aware of this new integration of Spotify on Facebook: "We already have integration with Facebook and are continually working with them to further improve it. But here comes our relationship." Co-founder Daniel Ek declined comment.

This partnership is another example of how Facebook is moving toward becoming a multimedia center with movies and music. In March, Warner Bros. announced it would offer movies for sale or rent through Facebook using the famous 'Facebook Credits'.

Spotify is a service of the most successful digital music around the world but even with millions of customers, needs better economic performance. In recent weeks, the company has announced a drastic reduction of free play time, to encourage payment accounts.

On the other hand, many companies seem interested in allying with Spotify. In late April, CNET claimed that the streaming music service in talks with Google for the search engines offer an online music service in collaboration

Chinese Prisoners Forced to Collect Gold in World of Warcraft

Collectors and sellers of gold in World of Warcraft and other massive online games have been actively pursued by the companies responsible for such games.

This is a business economy that is sold in exchange for real money, virtual currency of different games, something that most, if not all, explicitly prohibit.

Through a report published by The Guardian newspaper has been known for a Chinese prison guard who was later imprisoned himself working in the field of Jixi, in China, in 2004. The Chinese citizen has told how prison officials forced prisoners to play World of Warcraft and then sell the virtual money for real money.

As he recounted, he and other prisoners were forced to perform various manual labor in harsh conditions, but also to collect virtual gold. If you did not get the exaggerated targets imposed on them were tortured.

"If I could not get my share, I was punished physically, " he explained. Among the attacks recalled beatings with plastic pipes. "We played until we could barely even see."

"The prison wardens make more money by forcing prisoners to play games with manual labor, " such as coal. "There were 300 prisoners forced to play. We worked in shifts of twelve hours."

Impressions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Three for Xbox 360

Despite the problems the studio behind the game, Infinity Ward, Modern Warfare 3 seems to pick up the baton from the previous offering the same action is always constant, or at least in campaign mode, which we have seen recently moving two levels, an Activision event in London.

The surprise was not very large, as for months it is assumed that this new Call of Duty with so many code names would be Modern Warfare 3, it is speculated for weeks upon its release-and confirmed-for 8 November and the last days many details are known about its history, filtered through various websites. The trailer unveiled this week, coinciding with an NBA game, again set the record straight: Modern Warfare 3 continues wherever it left off the second half, and leads to the early battles of World War III all the way, between West and a resurgent Russia. In fact, in the first moments of the presentation, the acronym became WW3 abbreviated logo, MW3.

War in the capitals of the world:

The point is that Modern Warfare 3 wants to take a step in the campaign mode, and the beginning of open hostilities is the perfect excuse to acclimate the game in the world's most popular cities. London, Paris, New York and most other global cities become battlegrounds flying apart in the middle of a war without quarter, and in which we must advance inch by inch, foot by foot, to try to settle through fast this global conflict.

In the demo we saw only two levels, set in New York and London. It will not be the first game to use these two cities as a backdrop and, in fact, Crysis 2 and took us to a quarantined New York and half ruinous. The difference in Modern Warfare 3, so we could see, is that the level comes as New York is under attack. Advance to the Big Apple while the Russians are attacking and its iconic skyscrapers crumble in the style of 11-S.

A visual rollercoaster:

The presentation began with a trailer, where a nuclear explosion gave way to a series of military events, including a devastated Washington DC The Russians have occupied the city of New York, apparently invaded in what is already known among the American people as "black Tuesday", and the level we were shown took place in mid Manhattan. We left a wrecked jeep without a fellow cinematic sequence giving a charger while the picture became more clear, and while we see what we are familiar these stone buildings and the streets crisscrossed by trenches and warfare, our eyes are diverted to the sky, watching a cruise missile strikes on a nearby skyscraper, which partially collapses

The level began frantically, succeeding the shooting constantly, as we proceeded through the streets, we witnessed the loyalty with which New York has been recreated. More than a classic war fronts, the city seems mired in chaos where every corner can be allies or enemies soldiers, especially the latter. The buildings are very recognizable, and after a helicopter crash in one of them we were getting inside an office, flying a door with a loaded 9-bang and continuing the battle with all kinds of enemies that we go out to pass. After leaving the building by another door as we entered, ie dead, we were in another street in front of a jewelry store (Crowe, a kind of homage to the Crown jewelers) and headed to the Wall Street stock.

There we participated in a shooting at the iconic parks in New York Stock Exchange, running between the posts of purchase so often in the news are full of stressed executives, but this time his role was occupied by Russian soldiers angry. The aim was to reach the roof of the building and fly a communications antenna from the Russians. But nearby roofs are also full of enemy soldiers and destroy them we used the reaper drone. Controlling it with the case, were launching attacks rooftop full of enemies, marked in red. After "cleaning" a few buildings, a helicopter appeared to wipe us out, and again used the drone to wrap up, this time directing a missile ourselves for a few seconds.

The mission concluded on board a helicopter while flying over the Big Apple to shoot at everything that moved, it was far and did it very fast. After a few minutes shooting at enemies positioned on the heights of the buildings were white in the helicopter and we fell little by little ... a good time to conclude the presentation of this level, not yet finished, as we counted.

Action in the London Underground:

Gift, to be in the English capital, showed us a level set in London in the port area. The goal is to get data from the enemy, and after showing the satellite view of the area in black and white, showing us a convoy set off for who knows where, the kinematic concluded zooming in the group of soldiers began to penetrate in the area , now controlling us one of them.

Upon entering the port area we saw the background of the iconic skyscraper in the financial district of London, and we started to shoot at Russian soldiers without any interest in secrecy, using cranes and boxes and parapets to go forward on the ground. After a few shootouts, we got to a subway station and after getting on a kind of car, we were getting inside the channels to pursue a train ... avoid colliding with another in extremis in a very memorable moment. And that was all he showed us.

Visually spectacular, but difficult to measure

The displayed version of the game was the Xbox 360, but the giant screen and the high pace of action is not possible to establish these graphical comparisons everyone is looking forward to. It is difficult to know how and how much improved the game engine on a Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops, and how it is measured to Crysis 2, the reference current graph in this sense, at least on consoles, and his future rival, Battlefield 3 , which has only been shown in a PC version hipervitaminada. The game moved at a frenzied pace, especially at the level of New York, and there was no time for respite, or action, steady and edgy, or the visual spectacle that we witnessed, with constant explosions and destruction. However, it could be that certain elements of the scenario is not destroyed

The multiplayer, the big question:

The presentation showed us the way campaign but, of course, the multiplayer is still unknown. Will benefit from new online service that Activision prepares for months, which still can not speak, but it will be an independent element of it. Developers told us during the presentation that the online "will innovate", and again change the genre, maintaining or trying to keep engaging the millions of fans who have Call of Duty on the net, but nothing more.

Promising, albeit with few changes:

Modern Warfare 3 has left us a good feeling, as expected. The spectacular and the frenzy that characterized the previous two is guaranteed, as you can see by what we have told you, but it is a pity that we know more about the multiplayer ... at the moment. A playable level, Modern Warfare 3 does not seem to show many changes from the previous year, which may disappoint some that the formula may be tired, but just that those who might like since finishing Modern Warfare 2 are waiting to come out third. The war and chaos take over the major cities of the world, and as of November 8 we will have to keep the Third World War reduced to rubble.
"Anyone doubted that the 2011 Call of Duty Modern Warfare would be 3? Despite the secrecy of Activision on what it would be delivering this year's greatest game series of the moment, it was clear that the most successful aspect of Call of Duty would have its continuation in November.

jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

The latest editionof Oprah Winfrey

U.S. television presenter Oprah Winfrey, presented on Wednesday the latest edition of its popular after more than 25 years on the air.

In an emotional farewell, Oprah, also known as the "queen of daytime television" - spent his last show to his followers.

He was about to mourn when he thanked the audience to share with her ​​what he describes as his "Yellow Brick Road of Blessings ", referring to the path that runs through the character of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

Scotty McCreery is the new "American Idol"

Country singer Scotty McCreery, 17, is the winner of the tenth edition of the American television program "American Idol, " Fox Chain

With his deep voice and deep defeated another favorite, Alaina Lauren, aged 16 and country singer.

The end of this year reached a record 122 million votes were cast by telephone, text messaging and the Internet.

The show lasted over two hours and featured live performances from artists including Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, among others.

"American Idol" holds the title of most watched television program throughout the United States during the past seven years

Duke Nukem is Already Gold

2K Games and Gearbox Software have the honor to announce that Duke Nukem Forever, one of the most anticipated franchises of all time is now GOLD and will go on sale on June 10, 2011.

The road to this point was paved for 15 years of development to reach its peak in the Xbox 360 ®, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. The June 3 will also be a special day for members of Duke Nukem First Access Club because that is when these members will enjoy exclusive demo * Duke Nukem Forever.

"Duke Nukem Forever is the game that at the time everyone thought was impossible to launch, but here we are at the precipice of history," said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. "Today marks a historic day in the annals of gaming history, the day the legend of Duke Nukem Forever finally becomes reality."

Built along the last 15 days, Duke Nukem Forever was originally developed by a team of designers, artists and programmers with great passion and dedication under the direction of George Broussard, the iconic director of 3D Realms.

"Duke Nukem Forever and its journey to store shelves and is legendary," said George Broussard, 3D Realms' creative director. "It's the epic story of how four studies met to do the unthinkable and market the seemingly impossible. When you play this game you will remember this epic journey at every turn and every detail of the game. The character, charisma, interactivity, gameplay and politically incorrect humor combine to make this game Duke Nukem is a unique experience. In the words of Duke Nukem is the time for 'Come back for more. "Come and be part of the history of video games .

In 2009, when many thought Duke Nukem Forever will never come to light, a small group of intrepid developers, known as Triptych Studios, the dream resurfaced. Through his great task and decision, they were finally able to put the pieces together to create a stunning and epic gameplay experience. Under the production of Gearbox Software, Triptych Studios, Piranha Games and other contributors came together to turn this game on a triple A polished and full of fun.

"Always bet on Duke, and I did," said Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software. "I bet for all developers who have been part of this legendary project and I bet that nobody wants to live in a world without Duke. He played the final game and is a unique interactive entertainment experience that reminds me of why Duke
Nukem is our King. The Duke Nukem Forever developer 3D Realms, Triptych, finally Gearbox Piranha and deserve our gratitude and respect by never give up and show that they do have balls of steel! "

miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

Jeff Conaway (Grease Actor), in Coma After Overdose

The actor who appeared in the movie "Grease" as the best friend of Travolta, Jeff Conaway, lies comatose in a hospital in New York after suffering a drug overdose.
Although his family has denied these reports and noted that the placement of the artist is due to a picture of pneumonia, the same Conaway participated in 2008 in the reality show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew 'and he made public his problem with addiction.

According to American news agency UPI, a friend who visited on Sunday with Jeff in the hospital in Los Angeles has recognized that this is a serious case of pneumonia and sepsis, denying that the actor's income was due to an overdose.

The American actor's manager, Phil Brock, said that the star of 60 years old, is in critical condition and diagnosis uncertain after he was found unconscious on 11 May.

Conaway, who embody the legendary film Kenickie in 'Grease', has been fighting for decades against substance abuse since the end of 1980 admitted to a rehabilitation center. During his participation in the reality show, confessed to have developed an addiction to cocaine, painkillers and alcohol.

According to People magazine, the actor suffered a fall last January in the stairwell of his house causing it to break the hip, arm and suffering a stroke. Had surgery 4 months later due to health problems resulting from the fall.

In 2008, former lead singer of Oasis, Noel Gallagher, Russell Brand told the journalist in the BBC that he had an altercation with Jeff Conaway during which the singer himself was wounded by a knife

Terrence Malick and His "Tree of Life" Will Take a Deserved Palme D'or

Had built a huge expectation before arriving Cannes and was the third year it was rumored that he would participate in the official section, and has met expectations with honors. The tree of life the fifth film in forty years of Terrence Malick, one of the essential directors of recent decades has been the greatest honor to be with the palm of gold The 64th edition of the Cannes festival.

A discrepancy of the final outcome, but the tree of life was in all the pools to be one of the big prizes. And it was because the director tells an amazing natural childhood journeys of three kids and probably no one has been able to do more than one hundred years of this invention called cinema. And it has also risky, courage, and to break throw with a prologue and an epilogue that have raised hackles, but have shown that the U.S. will not only tell stories brimming with talent, also has power to make poetry with images.

Malick has set, and left in the gutter, to other tapes that would percolate through the favorites. The two great neglected, Le Havre, the Finn Aki Kaurismäki, and that inhabit the skin of our Pedro Almodóvar. And by the way has been The artist, who has managed to scratch while another of the major awards, may have deserved greater recognition.

The Dardenne, the safest bet
The silver medal, known as Grand Jury Prize has been split in two in the 2011 edition. On the one hand for a regular and the closing ceremony of Cannes, the Dardenne brothers, with his Le gamin au vélo, and other Turkish Once upon a time in Anatolia. Dardenne for returns to be a new success that proves they are the safest bet for the Cannes festival: in his last five starts have always caught anything, including two gold palms.

And since The artist not the palm has won gold, the prize for best actor was more than sung for Jean Dujardin, the main character and soul of a tape set to be one of the masterpieces of the 2011. The Artist known for the riskiness of its proposal - silent, black and white - and being able to run the most basic rules of cinema in a time dominated by 3D computer effects.

Drive was one of those films that immediately excited some criticism. And this same industry has tonight grinning from ear to ear with the award for best director Nicholas Winding Refn, father of the child. The film is a tribute to the cinema of the eighties, from minute one until the credits, either by the structure of the tape itself, the psychology of its characters or plot twists.

The scandal of von Trier has not harmed Kirsten Dunst, best actress for 'La Croisette Melancholia'Corrían rumors that a form of punishing von Trier for his statements of Melancholia press conference would be to reward one of the actresses not recognize, to some extent, the merits of the director. Said and done, Kirsten Dunst has won the award for best actress in the same way that Charlotte Gainsbourg and got this honor two years ago starring, again, a film by von Trier. Dunst has taken the upper hand with Melancholia, Gainsbourg did with the Antichrist.

Finally, the French Polisse from director Maïwenn, one of four that applied for the Palme d'Or and who spared no resources in his speech, took the prize of the jury by the sharp portrait of a police squad specializing in pedophile crimes . A tape liked, designed in the early days of the festival and showed that when part of a good starting material there are times when even the script may be immaterial. And looking ahead, a debut. Script, though, that Israel took the Footnote, a remarkable story of a father and son facing death to get personal recognition and professional career dedicated to the study of the Torah. The Golden Camera, which recognizes the best first work of a filmmaker went to the Acacias of Argentina Pablo Giordelli.

Almodóvar returns to Spain empty-handed :

He had everything going for, but Pedro Almodovar returns to stay with no prize at Cannes as it happened two years ago with Broken Embraces. This time has not been able to convince the jury chaired by Robert de Niro Skin habit and horror thriller starring Antonio Banderas and Elena Anaya gets the good taste which left some critics y. .. little more. And although yesterday the signs were good for the team the tape began to circulate the rumor that the Croisette Almodóvar team had told him to stay on the French Riviera to the awards ceremony at the end the worst predictions have confirmed. And they have since the zero point, since neither the director nor the film team have strolled the red carpet at the traditional parade that future winners make their way to a more than likely glory.

In favor of habit Skin is left to recognize the Anglo-Saxon press, who enjoyed the beautiful with the more austere Almodóvar we have seen. Although some have influenced the jury's final decision, the Spanish tape scandal hurt him greatly von Trier, who systematically erased from histories of the festival for the benefit of the controversy arising around the Danish director. In any case we have Pedro for a while after starting Cannes promoting the film with a date in mind: September. Back from summer vacation can enjoy the manchego in Spanish cinema.

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

The Serie Wonder Woman is Not Convincing

 The new series inspired by the DC comic book character Wonder Woman smelled failure. Of course, who could imagine that would be canceled before its release? Its protagonist, Adrianne Palicki, she received a barrage of criticism for his unfortunate clothing and that was the first sign that something was wrong.

However, NBC filmed a pilot episode and the result must be disastrous, as Warner Bros has backtracked immediately and refuses to see the light product. So much shame given their managers?

NBC posted some photos of the pilot episode. Fans of the new adaptation of this classic for the umpteenth time made fun of Palicki, which has some "deal worked out" in his suit size was not to pick up the baton from the sensual Lynda Carter. That staff try to please the red boots and putting on his pants wearing a patriotic blue stars strip was not enough.

In social networks are still reading comments like these: "I think an adaptation pathetic", "terrible choice, both as girl costume," "What are Wonder Woman without legs in the air", etc.. Other transcribe because they can not hurt your sensitivity.

David E. Kelley, producer and writer, put all eggs in one basket in this project. However, what he did not think was too bland Palicki? Why not chose another sexy actress with a resume better? Relevant Were all these changes in the original plot, the 70's?

At the moment, as recorded by 'Entertainment Weekly', the president of NBC, Robert Greenblatt, said: "I hate to disappoint anyone. I know there are legions of fans of the original series (...) It was a very good driver and Adrianne Palicki fantastic job. You look at what you have, what you need, and do not seem to fit with what we were doing. We did everything possible. " Excuses, excuses and more excuses. The public is always right, so that should have been corrected initial errors immediately before the catastrophe occurred.

The strange thing is that Greenblatt says he "surprised" the "scandal" that led to the first pictures of 'Wonder Woman'. Perhaps, not to offend the conservative organizations an actress dressed in shorts, has produced a devastating 'domino effect' that has blown a promising series gradually. NBC has not wise in any of his decisions!

'Entertainment Weekly' says that some critics reckless negotiated until the last minute for the series was issued. Given that the U.S. is living in a war for audiences increasingly violent, it was unnecessary to take risks which undermine the reputation of a very important channel NBC.

domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

The Killing and Raising Hope From The New Series From Fox and Fox Crime

 Fox and Fox Crime, which will be presented their new series for next season and among which are some of the fictions of the most talked about today as in the case of The Killing, a new suspense series of AMC channel.

Adapted from the original Danish by Veena Sud, screenwriter of Cold Case, the series breaks the traditional structure of the detective series to narrate the development of research not only from the point of view of police but also of the suspects and the family of the victim. All designed to bring different visions dislodge the viewer and keep looking forward to the developments of the case throughout the season.

Another outstanding series, which will advance its premiere on Fox in July, is the sitcom Raising Hope (in Spain will be called Hope). Created by Gregory Thomas Garcia (My Name Is Earl) is a perfect example of what gives him the genre in American fiction with a crazy plot: the protagonist, a young man of 23 years, must assume its responsibility as a parent of a child six months, designed after a single sexual encounter with the girl's mother, after it is sentenced to death for the murder of several of her boyfriends. Martha Plimpton, the daughter of Keith Carradine (Dexter) in real life, joining the cast of the series.

Other titles from Fox Studios, scheduled for the beginning of the fall season include The Glades, series about a Chicago police forced to move to Florida after having an affair with the wife of a superior, which will be on FOX, the series The Chicago police Code, with Jennifer Beals, premiering on Fox Crime, and the production of vampires "The Gates", a new interpretation of the genre that will have to talk among the stalwarts of the same, for the Fox antenna

The list of titles for this time to Fox antenna complete with Lights Out, serial drama that delves into the world of boxing and that counts among its players with veteran Stacey Keach (Mike Hammer), the quirky comedy The Good Guys, "starring Colin Hanks, son of Tom Hanks, Breakout Kings series, which retrieves the prison genre, Traffic Lights, producing about three friends in their thirties who are known since childhood, based on Israeli Ramzor, the situation comedy Friends with Benefits , set about finding the perfect pair centered on a group of friends from Chicago, and The League, a group of friends who are locked in a virtual soccer league based on the results of the NFL and, finally, the production of animation Bob's Burger.

The news of the season in the channels of Fox International Channels Spain will take the almost simultaneous release with the U.S. than anticipated second season of The Walking Dead, based on the comic by Robert Kirkman. Unlike the first season, only six episodes, the second season will delight his fans with an elongated frame 13, along which we will continue to survive the harsh vicissitudes of the protagonists, led by the police officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), in a world conquered by zombies.

The New Xbox 360 Update Will be Incompatible with Some Hardware

The new update for Xbox 360 might be incompatible with some particular models of the console, according to Kotaku revealed the average American.

Since this medium has had access to an email sent by Microsoft to one of the selected users to test this new update will include many changes and developments, including a new disc format called XGD3, which can store more data and enhance security . For this, the firmware update changes the disk drive of the console.

It is assumed that this is the source of incompatibilities with some models, but it seems that Microsoft plans to replace the console of the affected users without charge. At least, if the affected user and has been: an Xbox 360 S (current model) with 250GB hard drive and additional compensation of a free year of Xbox Live.

According to information reported by Kotaku, the model has shown the incompatibility is an Xbox 360 Pro model with 60GB hard drive 2009.

This update to Xbox 360 will be launched from tomorrow, May 19th and the 30th, gradually.

Other related news in the world of game consoles is  that  PS3 firmware seems to overheat the console

The publisher Rockstar Games has accused the 3.61 firmware for the PlayStation 3 consoles to overheat, causing problems in hardware that can generate power outages or damage to the console. The 3.61 update is mandatory for all players, but the support page where you made these claims have been withdrawn.

Before you remove the page that Rockstar Games was the problem (related to the game LA Noire) indicated that the problem was particularly linked to the older consoles, the 60GB and 80GB models, making the console is turned off by overheating.

Also indicated that the course of action was recommended for affected users contact Sony and report the problem.

It is unclear whether the information has been removed for not being successful or for other reasons. For now, Sony has made no comment, but it is true that different users in different online communities have reported problems with their consoles that could be linked to overheating.

Lady Gaga Dethrones Oprah Winfrey as The World's Most Powerful Known

The New York singer Lady Gaga has been dethroned as the world's most powerful known to American TV diva Oprah Winfrey, who had been with that title on four occasions, according to a list published Wednesday by Forbes magazine in its edition digital.

Winfrey has thus been relegated to second place in that ranking, which honors hundred stars of film, television, music and sport, and whose first place was awarded this year for the singer of Bad Romance or Telephone, not only by $ 90 million (63 million euros), which won in the last twelve months, but also for its strength in social networks.

Lady Gaga, with 32 million supporters on Facebook and Twitter record 10 million, sold a million copies of her single Born This Way in just five days, so even though their earnings are far from the $ 290 million (203 million euros) obtained Winfrey last year, has managed to move from No. 4 of 2010 to lead the list in 2011.

The most popular host on American television and goes to second place this year, but is crowned as the wealthiest of the ranking, Forbes developed based on earnings related to entertainment and the exposure that their players have been in the media Communication between May 2010 and May 2011.
Justin Bieber the youngest:

If Lady Gaga rising to the top of this ranking demonstrates the growing power of social networks in the world of celebrity, especially what makes this year the young star Justin Bieber bursts for the first time in this list to rise to the number three.

With a gain of $ 53 million (37.1 million euros) in the last twelve months, Bieber became the youngest celebrity to join the list, and with their meager 17 years has made the video for Baby was seen by 500 million people on YouTube.

In the Forbes ranking is the first Latin American Real Madrid's Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, followed by the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal (46) and the Dominican baseball player Alex Tordríguez (49).

Also on that list Brazilian model Gisele Bunchen (60), FC Barcelona's Argentinian Lionel Messi (62), and Latina actresses Jennifer Lopez (50) and Eva Longoria (81).

Among the "newcomers" from the list include singer Katy Perry (12) and actors Christopher Nolan (47), Natalie Portman (75) and Mark Harmon (98), while the number four falls on the Irish band U2.

Surprising has been the rise this year of real estate mogul Donald Trump, who in just twelve months has risen from number 32 to 17 thanks to its growing media presence for his flirtation with the possibility of running for the upcoming U.S. presidential elections .

Among the highlights fall of the singer Britney Spears, going from No. 6, 2010 to disappear from the list, and Beyoncé Knowles, from being the second a year ago now goes to number 29.

Although the two women who top this list, men are 67 of the 100 posts of this ranking with 73% of total profits, which this year fell to 4,500 million (3,155 million euros ), compared with 4,700 million (3.295 million euros) above.

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