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lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

Apple is working on smart mobile phone batteries that last weeks


The company Apple is working on a new battery powered with hydrogen fuel cells. In this way, devices such as tablets, both smartphones and laptops, say goodbye to the "big heavy" batteries that currently exist to give way to more light and also can last for weeks without recharging.

Apple continues research to improve their devices. Although the models of the Cupertino company in the market are at the forefront in design and technology, Apple wants to continue to evolve as the batteries are still a very weak point of smartphones. And for this the company is working on several patents.

One of the latter is known to be related to a new battery concept for both computers and mobile devices. This patent, filed with the Patent and Trademark Office U.S., reveals that the new batteries would be composed of hydrogen fuel cells that convert hydrogen and oxygen into water and electricity.

Thus, the capacity of the battery would be much greater, from weeks to return to recharge it, and would not be detrimental to the environment. In addition, says Apple in their patent, these cells being tiny batteries can cause the devices to be smaller and lighter.

"These fuel cells can achieve high energy densities, which can potentially allow the continued use of portable electronic devices for days or even weeks without having to be recharged," said Apple.

This new patent for the Cupertino company joins previous work that Apple has been doing, also associated with improved batteries for your devices.

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