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domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

MIT Launch Fastest Slowest Camera To Beat Speed Of Light


While some shows over the past few years (namely Discovery’s Time Warp) have taken the application of slow-motion cameras to even slower speeds, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (USA) have developed a camera capable of an outstanding 1 trillion frames per second (fps), a camera that they claim is so slow that it can capture light particles.

However, MIT researchers were not about to make claims they couldn’t prove, and have posted on YouTube a main video of a light beam bouncing around a plastic bottle. With the speed of light usually at a level of around 1080 million kmph (671 million mph), it can be considered an incredible feat to have been able to capture it on camera without it appearing as a ‘blink’ effect.

With even Hollywood’s finest using a maximum of 48fps for their slow-motion shoots, the device (dubbed the ‘world’s fastest slowest camera’) is definitely at the point of scientific experimentation, with a number of parameters set by the researchers at MIT Media Lab in order to create the ultra slow-mo effect, including electronic fields, a slit screen in front of the camera, and a number of attempts to achieve , with a project price tag of around $250,000.

One of the team, Andreas Velten, said of the efforts: “There’s nothing in the universe that looks fast to this camera.”

With other members of the research crew adding that due to the effort and specific factors required to produce a suitable clip, the camera would not be suitable for filming regular entertainment content, but instead has been suggested for scientific and medical research purposes. Three different clips of the trillion fps camera in action can be seen below:

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