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miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

Q'VIVA - "Hot Show" Promo for Series Premiere

I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER - Promo for "Teenage Escuela" airing TUE 3/6

ALCATRAZ - Promo for "The Ames Bros." & "Sonny Burnett"

AMERICAN DAD - Preview #1 from "The Wrestler" airing SUN 3/4

AMERICAN DAD - Preview #2 from "The Wrestler" airing SUN 3/4

AMERICAN DAD - Preview #3 from "The Wrestler" airing SUN 3/4

'Brake' Trailer

'Beyond The Black Rainbow' Trailer

'Brave' Trailer 2

'The Red Zone' Episode Three: In Grave Danger

Exclusive Celebrity Stare Down with Paul Dano

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 PlayStation Vita Gameplay Video 2

Ghost Rider, Nemesis and Akuma face off against X-23, Haggar and Viewtiful Joe in this new gameplay video from "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3," now available for the PlayStation Vita!

martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

Lucy Liu is Watson in the american version of Sherlock Holmes


Little by little they are revealing the secrets of the adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes of the U.S. network CBS 'Elementary'.

If a few weeks ago, confirmed the name of Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes, the signing of Lucy Liu to play Watson closes and the profile of the two main characters in the novels of Conan Doyle.

The funny thing is that the incorporation of the actress is that for the first time, the character of Dr. Watson is played by a woman. It had the face of Ben Kingsley, Jude Law, Ian Hart, Martin Freeman, but no one had given him the opportunity to be a lady.

This proposal is being completed for CBS to give a modern twist on the adventures of the famous detective and to put out, in turn, the contemporary version has her BBC series 'Sherlock', as published by Formula TV.

The social network Twitter has revolutionized the learning of the addition of Lucy Liu starring the cast of 'Elementary' and has become 'Trending Topic' world. Many dislike the news, as Steve Rogers tuiteaba: "I do not understand what Lucy Liu as Watson. Who elected for Irene Adler, Swarzeneger?"

lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

2012 Oscars: Sacha Baron Cohen vs. Ryan Seacrest

See what happens when Ryan Seacrest interviews the actor as "The Dictator"--and gets "ashes" spilled on him on live TV!

2012 Oscars: Sandra Bullock

The "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" star shares movie goers' reactions to the movie--and what it's like being a mother!

2012 Oscars: Berenice Bejo

"The Artist" star dishes on her first nomination, her stunning mint dress, and how a silent movie is really made!

2012 Oscars: Melissa McCarthy

The "Bridesmaids" actress opens up on being nominated for her comedic role--and swapping undergarments on set!

2012 Oscars: Shailene Woodley

"The Descendants" star praises her nominated costar George Clooney--and reveals her other calling in life!

2012 Oscars: George Clooney

The nominated actor talks about his character in "The Descendants." Plus, hear how he chooses which movies to star in!

2012 Oscars: Jessica Chastain

"The Help" star talks about the surprise moment when she learned of her unexpected Academy Award nomination while in Paris!

2012 Oscars: Rooney Mara

"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" actress confesses to a fashion faux pas! Hear how the star chose her timeless red carpet look.

2012 Oscars: Viola Davis

The Best Actress nominee shares what it was like taking on her role in "The Help" and breathing life into her non-stereotypical character.

2012 Oscars: Michelle Williams

The "My Week With Marilyn" star admits to seeing the iconic actress in a whole new light after pouring her soul into research for the role.

2012 Oscars: Cameron Diaz

The actress gives Ryan Seacrest advice on his diet tricks. Plus, get the deets on her new movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting."

2012 Oscars: Octavia Spencer

"The Help" actress opens up about writing an acceptance speech. Plus, hear the scoop on her Hollywood slumber party!

2012 Oscars: Jean Dujardin

"The Artist" actor dishes on the success of the silent film. Hear the humble star share his excitement for his "Best Lead Actor" nomination!

2012 Oscars: Colin Firth

The actor opens up on the royal family's reaction to his role in "The King's Speech" and shares his pick for 2012's Best Actor.

2012 Oscars: Brad Pitt

The "Moneyball" actor brings his parents to the Oscars. Hear why the Academy Award nominee chose them as his special guests!

2012 Oscars: Angelina Jolie

The Academy Award winning actress talks enjoying a night out with partner Brad Pitt. Plus, hear which of his movies is her favorite!

2012 Oscars: Zach Galifianakis

The Academy Award presenter cracks a few jokes post show. Hear the jokester's take on this year's Oscars.

2012 Oscars: Brian Grazer

The 84th Academy Awards producer dishes how nerve-racking it was pulling off the show. Plus, hear why he visited Sacha Baron Cohen backstage.

2012 Oscars: Billy Crystal

The 9-time Academy Awards host shares his favorite moment of the big night. Plus, hear which Best Director nominee was his college professor!

2012 Oscars: Octavia Spencer

"The Help" actress takes home the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Hear how she's reacting to the big win!

2012 Oscars: Neil Patrick Harris

The actor and E!'s David Burtka dish on Elton John's Oscar viewing party. Hear which A-list celebs helped raise $100,000 for the foundation!

2012 Oscars: Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow

The actress and producer reminisce on their best memories from past "Vanity Fair" parties! Hear their wild encounter with Mick Jagger and Steve Martin.

sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012

Oscar Winner Predictions with Deadline's Pete Hammond

Deadline.com's Pete Hammond reviews his picks for the 2012 Oscar Winners including:

Jean Dujardin (The Actor) Best Actor
Viola Davis (The Help) Best Actress
Christopher Plummer (Beginners) Best Supporting Actor
Octavia Spencer (The Help) Best Supporting Actress
Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist) Best Director
'The Artist' Best Picture

TV WORTH WATCHING: 'A Gifted Man', 'Merlin', 'Spartacus' and 'Portlandia'

It's TV worth watching Friday including 'A Gifted Man', 'Merlin', 'Spartacus' and 'Portlandia'. Maggie Siff (Sons of Anarchy) guest stars on 'A Gifted Man' as Michael's sweet heart (Patrick Wilson). Spartacus is out for vengeance. Merlin is drawn to a mysterious illness. Portlandia gets a visit from Penny Marshall (Laverne & Shirley) and Pro Basketball player LaMarcus Aldridge.

Steven Tyler Naked After Top 24 Picked

American Idol has chosen the final top 24 contestants and to celebrate Steven Tyler took off his clothes and jumped in a giant fountain on stage. J Lo, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest went crazy.

Jermaine Jones, David Leathers, Richie Law and John Kaiser were all dropped in the early rounds. The producers of Idol said that one of the four dropped would still make it through in a future episode.

Dog TV: The first TV channel for dogs.


In San Diego, California, have launched a television channel different from others because it is exclusively for dogs, as you read 'For Dogs'.

Dog TV, is divided into three different schedules: relaxation, stimulation and exposure.

It has a programming produced by scientists to provide a real company of dogs.

The contents are designed for vision and hearing, both the color of the programs, the sound, such as frames per second have been adapted to the senses of the dog.

According to its creators Dog TV is a project studied and scientifically proven to improve the quality of life for dogs that tend to spend much of the time without any company.

Google wants to offer a pay TV service


Google has applied for licenses to provide pay-TV service to residents of Kansas City in the central United States, offering a pilot program in addition to their Internet service, according the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

Fiber Google applications filed last week against the Public Service Commission of Missouri and the Kansas Corporation Commission to offer a pay TV service that would compete with Time Warner Cable and satellite television services in Kansas City .

The initiative, if approved by the authorities, will affect "a small region and will serve as an experiment, but has enormous potential because it can open the door to a new fundraising income from subscribers," the newspaper said.

The pay TV service would also allow Google to increase its advertising revenue.

For months rumors have circulated about Google's ambitions for Internet TV. The company has already laid the groundwork for such services, including data management center in Iowa that was down permits for satellite transmission.

From that data center, Google could save hundreds of channels of content on demand, so that customers request.

viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

Retro City Rampage New Sprites and Graphics Trailer [HD]

A parody of the open-world action genre, Retro City Rampage takes modern game mechanics and mashes them into an authentic 8-bit experience.

It's one half fast paced arcade game, the other half a hilarious story mode! It's all the driving and shooting you'd expect and a whole lot more! With missions that twist pages straight from classic game experiences, you get to re-live and rewrite history in a way only a modern anti-hero could!

When it comes to enemies, weapons are only the beginning! Put on your boots and jump on their heads! Toss 'em around to knock the rest down! Become truly unstoppable with awesome power-ups! Through its world, characters and missions, Retro City Rampage lampoons the entire 8-bit era --from its games to the TV, movies and pop culture!

Exit Humanity (2012) - Official Trailer [HD]

Uber cool second "Exit Humanity" trailer, which brings us "The Walking Dead" in the American Civil War version. Amazing trailer!

Told through the written and illustrated journal of Edward Young as he battles his way through an unexplainable outbreak of the walking dead a decade after the American Civil War.

After returning home from a hunting trip to find a horrific re-animation of his wife Julia, and that their son Adam has disappeared, Edward starts to record his experiences with the walking dead as well as the unexplainable outbreak that has torn his family apart, and threatens all of mankind.

Throughout his harrowing journey Edward finds friendship, guidance and love amongst chaos and despair, when all else seems to be lost in a world robbed of its humanity.

Zumba Fitness Rush - Official Teaser Trailer (Kinect)

Check out this teaser trailer for the upcoming Zumba Fitness Rush game for Xbox 360.

Act Of Valor (2012) Official Trailer - HD Movie - Navy SEALS

miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2012

Success of the 'Lucky Fred', a spanish serie


'Lucky Fred' , a serie whare a young boy of 13, his neighbor and a robot, is broadcast on Disney Channel yesterday with a double pass, at 13.20 and 17.05 hours, Monday through Friday.


Designed by Myriam Ballesteros Basque and Rioja Txema Leisure (the latter also writer), the fiction was created by the Spanish company Imira Entertainment, with the participation of TV3, and also has Spanish workforce in the direction of animation, cinematography, sets and character design. Imira managed to attract the attention of Disney, which has acquired the rights to over 150 countries and entered prestigious writers of shows like Futurama, Phineas and Ferb and Penguins of Madagascar, among others.

It is very difficult to get the channel here realize the importance of animation Fred Lucky, released and in other countries, won the award for Best Animated Series in the past European Film Festival, but reach as high has not been easy, especially to get the 5.5 million who have budget.

"In Spain you can finance or 20%, explains Myriam. In our case we had national support, but it is very difficult to get the channel here realize the importance of animation." Cree here is extremely talented, but "lack critical support and infrastructure," so many fall by the way.

As for trends, Myriam ensures that all channels looking for comedy and that despite the predominance of pre-series 3D, 2D is not dead: "There is room for everything and even can live perfectly."

martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Aspire: Television network of Magic Johnson


Magic Johnson will handle its own television network, Aspire, a space-oriented U.S. African American community.

The agreement with media giant Comcast will allow Johnson lead a content channel "positive and uplifting the African American community" in his own words, joining other chains that have the same goal in terms of audience as BET and TV One

Aspire films mixed with other programs that include music and comedy, with land for religion and the content itself.

The announcement of Comcast, the largest cable television company in the United States with 22 million subscribers, comes in line with political pressure from Washington to diversify its offer following the acquisition of NBC Universal.

After a year of federal investigation, Comcast gave the green light to release 10 new channels geared toward minorities such as African Americans and Latinos between now and 2018.

Thanks to this initiative, the rapper Sean Combs, aka Puff Daddy, will also have its own channel in collaboration with veteran Andy Schoun MTV. Revolt will be called and will focus on the music world with interviews, live performances and an important component of social networks. Is expected to begin operating next year.

Also the director Robert Rodriguez, a Mexican, a channel will focus on the Hispanic, El Rey. Dump will be in English but with the Latino community through their own television series, films, documentaries, news, music and sports.

Judi Dench is struggling to keep her vision.


The legendary Judi Dench has confessed to the world that is struggling to keep her vision. The British lady said in an interview to the Daily Mirror has been diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease, the same condition suffered by his mother that causes blindness.

"I can not read scripts for a problem with my eyes. Usually my daughter, my agent or friend who helps me, and I really like it because I can imagine the story."


With 77 years depends on the Oscar-winning actress friends, family and assistants to practice and learn their lines. "What disturbs me most is going to a restaurant at night and not seeing the person I'm having dinner."

Although Judi Dench is facing permanent blindness, hope is not lost. The actress has already begun a course of injections, "I have what I had my mother, a degeneration that develops when you're older. I get some shots that I think are working, I hope."

And besides, though it can not distinguish the faces of people said that glasses and sunlight help you see a little better. "I can do crossword puzzles in the bright sunlight, but if you see a cloud in less than a minute I can not see anything."

"While there is a possibility to continue working, I will not retire. If I withdraw, nothing will make sense to me, and it is hard this way," he confessed.

Soon we see on the big screen when it opens "My Week With Marilyn" on 24 February and "The Exotic Marigold Hotel" on 23 March.

In addition, now appears in theaters in "J. Edgar" as you roll the new James Bond, "Skyfall".

Bram Cohen wants to end the television


Bram Cohen said  in a relaxed conference could easily use the P2P for streaming content to millions of users without requiring centralized infrastructure.

As stated they are working to adapt the protocol to support this option by changing the paradigm underlying the consumption of information.

Cohen is the inventor of the BitTorrent protocol and program with the same name, by what we see is far from depressed by the hard times faced by file sharing systems, in fact ups the ante with their statements.

Does not seem overly concerned about the recent closure of Megaupload or disappearance of other companies offering similar services.

Neither seems to care too much about the case related to its platform, the closure of the famous site to find torrent files BTJunkie and closing with the aggravation of the criminal conviction of The Pirate Bay.

The new P2P protocol developed by the developer and his team are looking for just eliminate the need for architecture to supply the heavy consumption that generates streaming video content for high-volume users. The scheme behind the proposal follows the same logic used for files.

Instead of consumers who download content from the same site that users spent participating in a stream watch and share at the same time minimizing the required resources.

As opposed to traditional streaming, the more people are viewing the content the better the connection and playback quality. Later in the conference elaborated clear that this system will mainly benefit consumers by multiplying the options available thanks to the low cost of publication will represent for the generators of the material.

The speaker said that the greatest amount of content that is consumed on television is live and not on the Internet at the time, explained that current protocols are bad to achieve the necessary transfer.

If we go by his enthusiasm and his address, the code change would represent a radical change in how media are consumed and will surely be the subject of further persecution.

domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

What do you think about the changes made by Rapidshare?


The file hosting services that offer direct downloads are still in a drop of presentations from the close of Megaupload.

Now Rapidshare has made a change to your service that directly affects the free users, in particular have limited downloads of these users in an important way, making this service ceases to be useful for these users.

The modification consists in a drastic reduction in the rate of discharge for free users, but not only is speed, but also in the form in which discharges are performed.

Speed ​​limits have set to 30 Kb / s, but downloads are not performed consistently, this new modification makes the discharge is in bursts, ie, 30 Kb download from time to time, giving the user the feeling the download freezes.

Besides this also eliminated the possibility of summarizing the downloads. This is informed by jDownloader users, application that displays a notice informing of the changes.

Ever since the closure of Megaupload Rapidshare stance has been clear on the one hand have always made clear that they do not fear a similar closure from the outset also have proven to be one of the first alternative for users who have been adversely affected by this closure.

This change in the conditions of service for Rapidshare free users can have two readings. One of them can make us really think that if they fear a similar action and have problems in the future, or simply that these changes are looking to have a greater benefit, forcing as many users get premium account to continue using the service normally.

Anyway, there are many more choices for downloading direct and above all we must not forget that still, and always, we continue to have available peer to peer networks to share our files.

CrossFit: The training of the actors in Hollywood


Today I want to talk about CrossFit, fashion training that was popularized after the success of the movie "300" since it was advertised as the method that had followed his actors to achieve a spectacular look like.

In fact, I often wondered how these actors lucian of such bodies, but in later films showed torsos comunes.Confieso this question puzzled me, but apparently the answer was in the CrossFit program

CrossFit is a strength program and Total Fitness, which is based on increasing physical capabilities of the ten most recognized specialists in sports training:

1. Cardiorespiratory endurance
2. muscular Endurance
3. force
4. flexibility
5. Power 6. speed
7. coordination
8. agility
9. balance
10. accuracy

Many people, fleeing from the usual gym routines, has ended in this training system that many say is the future.

The goal of CrossFit is to develop the best performance in each and every one of these physical areas, and not make a specific program of training. So they say that specialty is not specializing. "

It is true that sacrifices the technique in many cases, which can be dangerous for people with little experience in the sports world.

My personal experience tells me that, above all, is a personal challenge and incredible willpower. It is something completely different to work "typical gym", but the results are undeniable.

Check it out in this video:


Jennifer Hudson will be star in the remake of 'The Bodyguard'


Jennifer Hudson will be starring in a project that would remake the movie "The Bodyguard" , which starred Whitney Houston in 1993 with Kevin Costner.

The film would be a tribute to the life of Whitney Houston at the height of his success, remembering the talent of actress and singer who died on February 11.

Although this project was planned since last year, Jennifer Hudson is a favorite to star in the film, although it is rumored that Beyonce and Rihanna could also compete for the role, once production starts in the movie.

Jennifer is remembered for his performance in 2006, in the character of Effie White in "Dreamgirls" where she was honored with several awards including an Oscar.

Top secret filming of the fourth part of Mad Max Top secret filming of a quarter of Mad Max


The beautiful Charlize Theron is filming the fourth part of the movie Mad Max in a secret location in southern Namibia.

The project employs over 500 people from South Africa, Namibia and the United States, with a budget of approximately one hundred million euros.

Namibia is the second site chosen by the Australian filmmaker, who initially wanted to shoot the film in a small town in the country of origin, but had to change plans after an extraordinary rainy season could grow vegetation and flowers in the area .

Following the natural setback, bet on insurance: shoot the film in the barren Namibian desert.

While it has not revealed anything about the plot of "Mad Max: Fury Road", if you know that, do not treat or a prequel or a sequel to "Mad Max", but a reinvention.

The fourth installment of the film also stars Tom Hardy, Teresa Palmer and Zoe Kravitz and directed by George Miller.

sábado, 18 de febrero de 2012

Excellent trick to skip wait times on servers


Here I leave a trick to skip the waiting times on the servers Depositfiles, 4Shared and Gigasize. To achieve this you need to use Mozilla Firefox and take the following steps:

Once you have accessed the url of the file to download and start the countdown to the download you have to go to the View menu of your Firefox browser and the page style entry select No Style .

Having done this page will be transformed into another without styles that we will see that the time has stopped and now seems able to download the file without further delay.

Unfortunately, Rapidshare and Badongo servers do not have this bug, which in those places have to wait the stipulated time or give us a premium account.

There's more: If you also want to jump the waiting 10 to 15 minute wait between download and download all you have to change your ip.

Charlie Sheen reveals his opinion about Ashton Kutcher


All were good words about the series and the actor who replaced him, but now Charlie Sheen gets candid ... and not for good.

"I'm sick of lying, tired of acting like an English gentleman. The end, had to say what I really think," he said.

Sheen gave a resounding thus in an interview he granted through a phone call to a program-American entertainment chain in which TMZ was dispatched at ease with his replacement in the series.

"It's nothing personal against him. Only I feel bad for him.'s Box for the bad word," he continued, a little more compassionate towards his companion.

Sheen, who now says he's working on what will be his new television series, 'Anger Management', said at the time that he liked the choice of the former to replace Demi More in fiction, but now, Sheen attacks with force and states that "the work of Ashton's disgusting."

Coincidence or not, the new barrage of Charlie Sheen comes just hours after the actor received a formal notice from Warner Bros., producer and owner of the rights of 'Two and a Half Men', demanding that he stop using their photographs in the series to promote his upcoming show, 'Anger Management'.

'Anger Management' is loosely based on the 2003 film of the same name, known as 'Anger Management' which starred Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler and Marisa Tomei.

In it, Sheen plays a therapist who wreaks havoc in the lives of his patients for his unconventional methods.

jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

SOCA closed rnbxclusive.com and threatens to 10 years in prison for their users


SOCA closed Wednesday's website rnbxclusive.com  and arrested one of its officers for alleged crimes of fraud and conspiracy.

SOCA took control of the website, which reports its closure and the arrest because "most of the files available on the site are stolen from the artists."

The agency also warns users that they can face ten years in prison and a fine for downloading files from this web page, while displaying a message with data from the Internet users.

This information can be used to identify you and locate you. The SOCA has the ability to control you and investigarte and can inform your ISP of these offenses. It may prosecute you, "threat.

Most files available on the site are stolen from the artists

The note also reminds those who have illegally downloaded music that are hurting the careers of young emerging artists and the future of the music industry.

A SOCA spokesperson explained to the British agency PA rnbxclusive.com activity caused losses of 15 million pounds (18 million) the sector and said that users could be considered "accomplices of an organized crime network ".

The site, which had nearly 10,000 followers on his Twitter account and more than 250,000 on Facebook, featuring songs from R'n'B and hip hop to its users since it opened in 2008.

This move comes almost a month after the FBI closed the popular Megaupload download page for an alleged offense of hacking and stopped four of its executives, including its founder.

In the UK piracy law was tightened in 2010 with the Digital Economy Act, which authorizes the holders of copyright to block access to websites that store illegal content.

That law also allows the British government control users who share and download files persistently on the Internet, you can send letters to his home to warn against their behavior and come to cut the connection.

martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

Youtube launches application for Google TV


This time the application is to solve many problems of its predecessor and comes with a complete redesign.

Also included is a new feature called 'Discover' which, as its name suggests, makes it much easier to search for new videos in the popular video streaming service.

But that's not all, because the control by the control and access to information on-screen distance has been improved so that it greatly simplifies the task of adding a video to favorite or leave a comment on any them.

Another new feature on YouTube is the new way to watch videos on the player HTML5.

Youtube launched a player that used the HTML5 video tag. to test this player, you had to access and activate youtube.com/html5 version of that player.

But what if you want to switch to HTML5 player for a video or just want to link to HTML5 version? Youtube launches a new parameter that allows us to just that: Just add "& html5 = True" to the address of the video. Here's an example:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTl3U6aSd2w&html5=True (link)

For now, the HTML5 Youtube player works in Google Chrome (H.264, Chrome 6 adds support for WebM), Opera 6.10 + (WebM), Safari 4 + (H.264) and Firefox 4 (WebM).

lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012

Youzee: new applications for Smart TV


All Smart TV from Samsung will have Youzee application. A new platform for discover, enjoy and share the best streaming movies and series.Once again, Samsung bet on entertainment for the whole family adapting to new technologies.

Youzee the platform to discover, enjoy and share the best movies and series online, is now available on TVs Samsung Smart TV, with an ad hoc application designed to take advantage of the characteristics of these devices and how we use them.

Youzee, already available in beta on computers, gives as a first step in its commitment to the platform accessible via the main devices that are part of our digital lives.

The new TV range Samsung Smart TV takes us to a new digital universe. A new concept of leisure and entertainment is now extended with new features and content in their smart TVs and complete with Youzee platform.

The new Samsung smart TVs provide maximum image quality 2D and 3D, contrasts unlimited and perfect color accuracy thanks to the most advanced techn ology market.

Youzee is an independent startup created to offer lovers of movies and series in the digital age the best media in the most simple and fun.

Youzee (www.youzee.com) is an online service 100% own developed which makes possible to discover, enjoy and share movies and streaming, no waiting, no downloads, with the best quality / price ratio which is accessible from a wide ecosystem of devices connected to the Internet.

By 6, 99 euros per month, allows unlimited access to a wide, varied and selected monthly subscription catalog, which includes recent titles, modern classics and all time, for all tastes and ages. A service that complements the individual rent premiere titles.

Youzee is currently in beta, hand in hand to build the final version with the invaluable help of beta testers who are already enjoying the platform and enriching it with their comments.

Winners List of BAFTA awards 2012



The big winner of the night, as expected, 'The artist' by Michel Hazanavicius followed far behind by 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' (The Mole), the film documentary 'Senna' and 'Iron Lady'. Already know who were the winners among them Pedro Almodóvar with 'The skin I live' for Best Foreign Language Film.


- 'The artist' by Thomas Langmann

- 'Descendants' of Jim Burke, Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor

- 'Drive' by Marc Platt and Adam Siegel

- 'Maids and Madams' Brunson Green, Chris Columbus and Michael Barnathan

- 'The Mole' by Tim Evan, Eric Fellner and Robyn Slovo


- 'My Week With Marilyn' by Simon Curtis, David Parfitt, Harvey Weinstein and Adrian Hodges

- 'Senna' by Asif Kapadia, James Gay-Rees, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner and Manish Pandey

- 'Shame' of Steve McQueen, Iain Canning and Emile Sherman Abi Morgan

- 'The Mole' by Tomas Alfredson, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Robyn Slovo, Bridget O'Connor and Peter Straughan

- 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' by Lynne Ramsay, Luc Roeg, Jennifer Fox, Robert Salerno and Rory Stewart Kinnear


- Michel Hazanavicius for 'The Artist'

- Nicolas Winding Refn for 'Drive'

- Martin Scorsese for "The Invention of Hugo '

- Tomas Alfredson on 'The Mole'

- Lynne Ramsay for 'We Need to Talk About Kevin'


- George Clooney for 'descendants'

- Jean Dujardin for 'The Artist'

- Michael Fassbender for 'Shame'

- Brad Pitt in "Moneyball: Breaking the rules'

- Gary Oldman for 'The Mole'


- Berenice Bejo for 'The Artist'

- Viola Davis in "Maids and Madams'

- Meryl Streep for 'Iron Lady'

- Tilda Swinton in "We Need to Talk About Kevin '

- Michelle Williams 'My Week With Marilyn'



- Kenneth Branagh on 'My Week With Marilyn'

- Jim Broadbent for 'Iron Lady'

- Christopher Plummer for 'Beginners (Beginners)'

- Jonah Hill in 'Moneyball: Breaking the rules'

- Philip Seymour Hoffman for "The Ides of March '


- Jessica Chastain for 'Maids and Madams'

- Judi Dench for 'My Week With Marilyn'

- Melissa McCarthy for 'The wedding of my best friend'

- Carey Mulligan for 'Drive'

- Octavia Spencer for 'Maids and Madams'


- Michel Hazanavicius for 'The Artist'

- Annie Mumolo and Kristen Wiig on 'The wedding of my best friend'

- John Michael McDonagh for 'The Irishman'

- Abi Morgan on 'Iron Lady'

- Woody Allen's 'Midnight in Paris'


- Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash for 'descendants'

- Tate Taylor 'Maids and Madams'

- George Clooney, Grant Heslov and Beau Willimon for 'The Ides of March'

- Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin for "Moneyball: Breaking the rules'

- Bridget O'Connor and Peter Straughan for 'The Mole'


- 'Incendies' by Denis Villeneuve, Luc Dery and Kim McGraw

- 'Pina' Wim Wenders and Gian-Piero Ringel

- 'Potiche, women in power' of Francois Ozon, Eric Altmayer and Nicolas Altmayer

- 'Nader and Simin, a separation' by Asghar Farhadi

- 'The skin I live' by Pedro Almodovar and Agustin Almodovar


- Guillaume Schiffman for 'The Artist'

- Jeff Cronenweth for 'Millennium: Men Who Hate Women'

- Robert Richardson for "The Invention of Hugo '

- Hoyte van Hoyteman for 'The Mole'

- Janusz Kaminski for "War Horse (workhorse) '


- Anne-Sophie by Bion and Michel Hazanavicius 'The Artist'

- Matt Newman for 'Drive'

- Thelma Schoonmaker for 'The Invention of Hugo'

- Gregers Sall and Chris King for 'Senna'
- Dino Jonsater for 'The Mole'


- Laurence Bennett and Robert Gould for 'The Artist'

- Stuart Craig and Stephenie McMillan for 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2'

- Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo for "The Invention of Hugo '

- Maria Djurkovic and Tatiana MacDonald for 'The Mole'

- Rick Carter and Lee Sandal for 'War Horse (workhorse)'


- Ludovic Bource for 'The Artist'

- Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross 'Millennium: Men Who Hate Women'

- Howard Shore on 'The Invention of Hugo'

- Alberto Iglesias for "The Mole '

- John Williams 'War Horse (workhorse)'


- Mark Bridges 'The artist'

- Sandy Powell for 'The Invention of Hugo'

- Michael O'Connor for 'Jane Eyre'

- Jill Taylor 'My Week With Marilyn'

- Jacqueline Durran for 'The Mole'


- Julie Hewett and Cydney Cornell for 'The Artist'

- Amanda Knight and Lisa Tomblin for 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2'

- Morag Ross and Jan Archibald for "The Invention of Hugo '

- Marese Langan for 'Iron Lady'

- Jenny Shircore for 'My Week With Marilyn'


- Nadine Muse, Gerard Lamps and Michael Krikorian for 'The Artist'

- James Mather, Stuart Wilson, Stuart Hilliker, Mike Dowson and Adam Scrivener for 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2'

- Philip Stockton, Eugene Gearty, Tom Fleischman and John Midgley for 'The Invention of Hugo'

- John Casali, Howard Bargroff, Doug Cooper, Stephen Griffiths and Andy Shelley for 'The Mole'

- Stuart Wilson, Gary Rydstrom, Andy Nelson, Tom Johnson and Richard Hymns for 'War Horse (workhorse)'


- Joe Letteri for 'The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn'

- Tim Burke, John Richardson, Greg Butler and David Vickery for 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2'

- Rob Legato, Ben Grossman and Joss Williams 'The Invention of Hugo'

- Joe Letteri, Dan Lemmon, R. Christopher White for 'The origin of the Planet of the Apes

- Ben Morris and Neil Corbould for 'War Horse (workhorse)'


- 'George Harrison: Living in the Material World' by Martin Scorsese

- 'Project Nim' James Marsh and Simon Chinn

- 'Senna' by Asif Kapadia


- 'The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn' by Steven Spielberg

- 'Arthur Christmas: Operation Gift' by Sarah Smith

- 'Range' of Gore Verbinski

BEST BRITISH REVELATION (Writer, Director or Producer)

- Joe Cornish (Director / Screenwriter) for 'Attack the Block'

- Will Sharpe (Director / Writer), Tom Kingsley (Director) and Sarah Brocklehurst for 'Black Pond'

- Ralph Fiennes (Director) for 'Coriolanus'

- Richard Ayoade (Director / Screenwriter) for 'Submarine'

- Paddy Considine (Director) and Diarmid Scrimshaw (Producer) for 'Tyrannosaur' (Redemption)


- Adam Deacon

- Chris Hemsworth

- Tom Hiddleston

- Chris O'Dowd

- Eddie Redmayne


- 'Chalk' by Martina Amati, Gavin Emerson, James Bolton and Ilaria Bernardini

- 'Mwansa the Great' of Rungano Nyoni and Gabriel Gauchet

- 'Only sound Remains' by Arash Ashtiani and Anshu Poddar

- 'Pitch Black Heist' John Maclean and Gerardine O'Flynn

- 'Two and two' of Babak Anvari, Kit Fraser and Gavin Cullen


- 'Granny' of Afarin Eghbal, Kasia Malipan Gardiner and Francesca

- 'Yeah Bobby "by Robert Morgan

- 'A morning stroll' Sue Grant Orchard and Goffe



ACADEMY AWARD: Martin Scorsese

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