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Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta television. Mostrar todas las entradas
Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta television. Mostrar todas las entradas

jueves, 8 de marzo de 2012

Launch of Apple TV


Today Apple  introduced the new Apple TV that can play 1080p HD movies and TV shows from iTunes and Netflix, Vimeo videos, photos and more.

With iTunes in the cloud, users can purchase your favorite movies and shows on the iTunes Store to view them instantly on your HDTV.

The new Apple TV has an even more elegant interface and intuitive, making it easier than ever to access movies, TV shows and music stored in iTunes icloud Match.

And thanks to airplay, you can watch streaming or duplicate the Apple TV or iPhone content iPhone 4S.

The Apple TV provides access to over 15,000 movies and 90,000 TV shows from the iTunes Store or the incredible catalog of Netflix, live sporting events follow the NBA, the MLB American League baseball or the NHL Hockey League and play content Internet from Vimeo, Youtube and Flickr.

The availability of movies and TV shows from iTunes varies by country. Users with a second-generation Apple TV will install the new user interface from today by downloading free software.

To play video in 1080p requires a third-generation Apple TV.

sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012

Dog TV: The first TV channel for dogs.


In San Diego, California, have launched a television channel different from others because it is exclusively for dogs, as you read 'For Dogs'.

Dog TV, is divided into three different schedules: relaxation, stimulation and exposure.

It has a programming produced by scientists to provide a real company of dogs.

The contents are designed for vision and hearing, both the color of the programs, the sound, such as frames per second have been adapted to the senses of the dog.

According to its creators Dog TV is a project studied and scientifically proven to improve the quality of life for dogs that tend to spend much of the time without any company.

martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Bram Cohen wants to end the television


Bram Cohen said  in a relaxed conference could easily use the P2P for streaming content to millions of users without requiring centralized infrastructure.

As stated they are working to adapt the protocol to support this option by changing the paradigm underlying the consumption of information.

Cohen is the inventor of the BitTorrent protocol and program with the same name, by what we see is far from depressed by the hard times faced by file sharing systems, in fact ups the ante with their statements.

Does not seem overly concerned about the recent closure of Megaupload or disappearance of other companies offering similar services.

Neither seems to care too much about the case related to its platform, the closure of the famous site to find torrent files BTJunkie and closing with the aggravation of the criminal conviction of The Pirate Bay.

The new P2P protocol developed by the developer and his team are looking for just eliminate the need for architecture to supply the heavy consumption that generates streaming video content for high-volume users. The scheme behind the proposal follows the same logic used for files.

Instead of consumers who download content from the same site that users spent participating in a stream watch and share at the same time minimizing the required resources.

As opposed to traditional streaming, the more people are viewing the content the better the connection and playback quality. Later in the conference elaborated clear that this system will mainly benefit consumers by multiplying the options available thanks to the low cost of publication will represent for the generators of the material.

The speaker said that the greatest amount of content that is consumed on television is live and not on the Internet at the time, explained that current protocols are bad to achieve the necessary transfer.

If we go by his enthusiasm and his address, the code change would represent a radical change in how media are consumed and will surely be the subject of further persecution.

domingo, 24 de julio de 2011

Sony redefines Caracas with its new Internet TV


Sony Venezuela invited the media to enjoy a demonstration of Internet TV in high definition, after its launch in the country on April 28, 2011.

This new LED TV line redefines the current television, making the user connects to the world without a computer.

The new BRAVIA models allow you to enjoy on screens from 32 to 65 inches of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and connect with friends and family via Skype.

"Sony TVs offer a complete entertainment experience - from instant access to online video content to the film in 3D features, sports and video games. We are redefining the shape and function of the TV, "said Francisco Carvajal, Product Manager of Sony Bravia Venezuela." While the innovative features are important, we are confident that the image quality and Sony's own industrial design incomparable remain intact, making BRAVIA is the perfect centerpiece for any home decor. "

Sit back and browse:

Sony entertainment render the user wants at the time of your choice. The Sony 2011 TV line offers models that provide instant access to online entertainment, whether connecting to a broadband network at home via a Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Supported models offer premium services and free access to movies, videos and music through BRAVIA Internet Video Platform, including YouTube ™.

A number of new models also feature BRAVIA Skype ™. After connecting the camera and microphone Sony, people can freely enjoy video calls widescreen Skype-to-Skype with family and friends from the comfort of your home. Users can also make calls while watching your favorite TV program simultaneously.

"Sony worldwide works to meet the demands and needs of the market, communicate why today the relaunch of our new line of Sony TVs with the latest Internet connection. Our 2011 models include ISDB-T digital tuner (receiver audio and video) to connect to digital terrestrial format officially adopted in 2009 and is currently on probation for Venezuela, "he said Carvajal.

Redefined The new TV is now available in Sony Style stores located in malls Sambil Caracas, Valencia, Maracaibo and Barquisimeto, and all official distributors of the brand nationally.

For more details, visit www.sony-latin.com/bravia or Sony Style retail stores nationwide.

To learn more about the 3D world created by Sony, visit www.sony.net/united/3D.

miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

Sony provides a "boom" of 3D TVs


Sony plans an imminent leap to 3D television by the public thanks to the advent of ever more affordable monitors that support this technology on the market.

The head of PlayStation America, Jack Tretton, told the New York Times that he is "completely sold"to this technology.

"Steven Spielberg recently told me that the 3D will offer new types of opportunities to work at the time of making movies. The players are also spearheading the jump to play games that are compatible with the 3D. "

"We really are going to see how there is a boom 3D monitors are now becoming more affordable. Without going any further, we will launch a 3D TV later this year will cost $ 500. "

This monitor, announced last week at E3, will be of the PlayStation brand, will be 24 inches and is adapted specifically for play, incorporating a dual mode 3D ​​view allows players to use the TV without the split screen effect.

The monitor will come in pack with a pair of 3D glasses, a HDMI cable and a copy of Resistance 3 compatible with the 3D for PlayStation 3.

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